The Phoenix Academy of Gymnastics - Northwest Arkansas

Our Philosophy

The gymnastics program at The Phoenix Academy of Gymnastics is designed so that in an excessively competitive environment your child has a chance to have a relatively normal life and still excel at gymnastics. We try, through the method of teaching advanced skills at a young age, to get your child to achieve a high level of gymnastics skills by a certain time in his/her career ... obviously this level is determined by several factors that necessitate someone who has a long time familiarity with the sport.

We encourage our gymnasts to:

  • Be goal setters and goal achievers regardless of the level of these goals.

  • Learn the tactics, the purpose and the pleasure of competition, and to experience winning, losing and feeling like a winner either way.

  • Increase the gymnast's levels of discipline, self-esteem, sportsmanship and respect for others.